3 Lincoln Center Rental Prices

Rental Prices for 3 Lincoln Center as of April 2015

Keep in mind that rental prices can be seasonal, as demand and supply shift in the winter months and the high season is typically late spring and summer when prices peak.

With a building like 3 Lincoln Center, that is 60 floors tall and with different layouts and apartment renovations vary you will see the rental values correspond accordingly. Basically the better the renovation, view and exposure, the higher the price.

So with that in mind these values have to be looked at in ranges and with an open mind.

Studio: $3,000/month-3,500/month

One Bedroom: $4500/month-$5,500/month

Two Bedroom: $7,500/month - $9,500/month

As all Manhattan New York condo rentals, there is a board application required for renting in 3 Lincoln Center Condo.


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